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Welcome to the new website of Cerulean Sky.
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breezi88, Apr 25, 11 1:00 PM.

WARNING: Under Construction

Xanadros23, Apr 16, 11 4:04 PM.
Hey guys, Xan here.

As you may have noticed, there has been a serious lapse in activity by the guild leadership as of late.  I would like to apologize, and promise you that near the beginning of May, things will settle down, events will be re-organized, and the guild will go back to normal.  My inactivity can be attributed to the Hell that is April in the life of a music major.  I graduate on May 8th(!) and I plan to return with a vengeance.  I can't speak for others, but I know that life is tough/busy for everyone right now.

Please, please be patient with us, as we get through this time in our respective lives.  CS will make its annual summer comeback; and trust me, you don't want to miss it!



Hi guys, Illy here. I just wanted to say I haven't abandoned you all either. Driven and are (FIFY! - Xan) Derek and I are just in the middle of moving and I've been working non stop. Actually I'm at work right now typing this out on my phone. (That's dedication for you btw. Its a bitch to do.) Hopefully I will be back soon though and I hope we will see many of you there. When I am back full time we will have a guild event planned as well so look forward to that. -Illyasaville

Important Guild Notice

Omiifey, Apr 1, 11 4:03 PM.
Unfortunate that today is April 1st and none of you are going to believe me about this anyways, but.. Unfortunatly to keep my relationship together (since a bunch of you know that my boyfriend and I are moving to my home town), I'm giving up WoW to focus on work and he and I.

Don't think that I'm just leaving you guys with no guild leader. Kyna will now be in charge, and I know she'll do great. I'm going to miss you guys, and I'll occassionally check the guild website, so if you want to get a hold of me, try there.

Love, Illyasaville

^_^ I love you guys you know that?

Happy April Fools Day!
Its nice to know I'd be so missed though <3

Two Years!

Xanadros23, Mar 18, 11 10:02 PM.
Wow, guys!  (Warning: Wall of Text)

I can't believe that I've been privileged to be a member of this guild for almost the full two year run.  When I came back from my 2 month WoW hiatus in April of 2009, I was distraught to learn that my old guild, Elite Emissaries, had disbanded.  I went trolling trade chat to look for a new guild for my Mage and N00B-K, and the first friendly looking post was from a character named Taliyaa (forgive me for the spelling), who we all now know as Illy, advertising for a guild called <The Viadrina Outpost>. I whispered her, got the invite, and almost /gquit when I realized Tali was a level 17 druid. >.<  I stayed, however, and grinded my way to 80 with some amazing people, who I'm proud to still call my friends to this day.  By September of 2009, <The Viadrina Outpost> was down to 4 or 5 active members, including me, and none of those friends were those members.  So I decided, N00B-K that I was, to go try raiding for a while.  Raiding was, to say the least, a disaster for me.  I remember wiping endlessly on Malygos the night that Andy Pettite got the win in Game 6 of the ALCS (Baseball) and thinking, "Man, I wish that my friends were still around."  So a week or so later, I decided to quit the raiding scene, and go guildless for a while.  In November of 2009, I logged onto my mage for the first time in FOREVER, and discovered he was a member of a guild called <Cerulean Sky> (Name-Change FTW).  Naturally, I was confused, and after much explaining from some old members, I rejoined the guild full time.  Soon after, Illy left her WoW hiatus and we were back on in full force. After that, some old friends came back (Lexi and Zal =]), and I was pleased to meet many new ones (El, Tikari, Bree, etc. =]).  We celebrated our 1 year anniversary in March of 2010.   I had the pleasure of being CS's first class leader, and co-leading CS's first raid of ICC.  Raiding, however, almost tore us apart, and on the eve of the Cataclysm, Illy and I found ourselves in charge of a guild that was dying.  Cataclysm has been great for us.  We've grown by over 250%, and all of you are valued members, just like I value our old constituents.  I can't wait to spend the next year playing this epic game with you all.

Tonight's party was epic!<-- and we have a few SS's up now.  Congratulations to Jothar, who won a Epic Item or Pet of his choice valued at 5k gold, and to Alakon, who won a Mekgineer's Chopper.

Happy Birthday, Cerulean Sky! Sorry for the sappy wall of text!


Well I would like to thank Xan for this heartwarming and sappy flashback to his time in CS. I'm proud to have all of you old and new in this guild or still acquaintances. I'm sad about some people we've lost, but we've gained back many of wonderful people. Thank you all for making these last two years great and I hope to see you for more years. Now, I'm not going to be all sappy cause Xan did that enough <3 So, here's a video for all of you who quote Charlie Sheen and his 'winning'

~Love Illy

Happy 2nd Birthday to Cerulean Sky!

Xanadros23, Mar 12, 11 8:37 PM.
(Illy)  (Xan)

Here ye here ye! I would like to invite new and old members of Cerulean Sky to our two year birthday celebration on Friday March 18th

The party will start at 6pm server and go until we're all bored. Attendance is not mandatory but we'd love to see any and all of you there. Come whenever you want. There will be games, contests, raffles, and a dj over vent. Also we will have drinks, foods, and fireworks to make this event even more awesome (potentially pvp too).

We will be taking over the Speedboat Barge in the middle of Thousand Needles (summons will be available.)

…. And here’s Xan with more information!

Hi, Guildies!  Happy two years to Cerulean Sky!  So by now, you’ve all heard about these mega cool contest things that we’re doing to celebrate, but haven’t gotten any details yet.  Well, fret not! For I have all the details right here!  The rules for the contest/raffle are as follows:

For every full stack of the following mats you turn in, you get 1 ticket to our first raffle.  The items will be used to craft fireworks and such for our 2 year party! Please, please, please be honest and farm these items.  We will be monitoring Auction House activities, and trying to control item flow, but we’re really depending on you to make this fair for everyone involved.

Heavy Leather
Heavy Stone
Thick Leather
Solid Stone
Mithril Ore
Gold Ore
Truesilver Ore

Each account is limited to 5 stacks of each item for turning in, for a maximum of 40 possible tickets per person.  Submit the items by mailing them in-game to Xanadros by 4 PM server time on Friday, March 18th.

The raffle will be drawn at 8pm Server time on March 18th.  The winner will have a choice between two prizes: A companion pet of their choice from the Auction House (valued at under 5k gold) or an
Epic-quality item of their choice from the Auction House (also valued at under 5k gold).  You do not have to be present to win, but we do encourage it!

Let’s sweeten the pot a bit. =]  If the guild achievement [That`s A Lot of Bait] gets finished by Friday afternoon, March 18th, every guild member who attends the anniversary party will be entered to win one [Mekgineer`s Chopper], courtesy of Cerulean Sky!  The chopper can be used as you wish.  That means you can learn it, your alt can learn it, you can give it to a friend, a neighbor, sell it for 12k on the Auction House; anything.

These contests are open only to guild members in good standing, and officers are (obviously) exempt from contest eligibility.

We’ll have more anniversary events and things planned for the week to come, so let’s all get together, have some fun, and celebrate two years of the Guild (currently) Known as Cerulean Sky!


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